• April 21, 2022

Alex Pissios Has a Path Forward

   Alex Pissios hasn’t given up on the casino business. He just has decided to go back to his old style of operation. Instead of going live, he is spinning reels remotely in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia according to his client’s wishes. The show will go on for Chicago. Alex Pissios, following…

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From A Small Shop After Graduation, Triller Founder Ryan Kavanaugh Creates An International Venture Capitalism Company

In the world over, only a handful of people have the innate ability of creating successful business from scratch. If those people were to be numbered, the name of Triller founder Ryan Kavanaugh would be among them. Whether the list exists or not, it is evident that Ryan Kavanaugh is one of the few people…

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Mark Hauser's Career as a Voice Actor

Mark Hauser has made a career from a combination of voice and on-screen acting. He is known for his ability to deliver a large variety of American dialects. T his has provided great roles for Mark Hauser. Today, his agent receives plenty of booking requests for Hauser’s work. Hauser was born in Michigan but later…

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